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My email address is a good place to start for now.

3 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Hello, I’m Ryan. Now, before you close this message or ignore it completely, let me just state that since e-commerce started, the website with the most captivating eye design which is also easy and clear to navigate will be the one who captures the attention of their intended market, stands above their competitors and makes more sales.

    Innovative, cutting-edge designs give your company the visibility it truly needs to:

    1) Be found by your audience.
    2) Inform and educate your audience.
    3) Make you Visitors convert into sales or leads for your business.

    Currently your site is looking pretty good, but I think that there are some easy changes we could make to help it convert better for you.

    I am offering a FREE ANALYSIS of your website’s AESTHETICS and an improved conversion plan. This analysis if completely free and there is no pressure to implement my suggestion or ideas. I offer this free analysis because most web sites are still making the same old mistakes. Even if you do not end up using my services in the end I will at least be able to point you in the right direction. I am always happy to help and answer any questions.

    Looking forward to speaking with you.

    Ryan Andersen

    I do my best to be as informative as i can on my emails. If you would like to be taken out of my mailing list, please reply back with the word remove.
    site’s AESTHETICS over the web, feel free to reach out to me

  2. Hi! My name is Ed and I am a web expert. I have been working in the web design industry for some time now and know what is and what is not currently working for websites and their designs.

    I believe website should not only represent your company but should be unique, organized, user friendly and interactive but it should also be affordable and easy to maintain. I can provide modernized designs that would perfectly send clear message of what your company, or modify your existing site so that it not only stands out from your competitors but also converts at a higher level.

    I am offering a free consultation where I can show you some of the tips and modifications I have performed on my clients to make a big impact with their online sales. There is no commitment whatsoever to use my services. I offer this information as a way of paying it forward. I find that some people will not use my services but many will because they understand the power of a site that brings in sales.

    Just let me know when you are available to speak and I will be happy to provide you with some suggestions and my analysis on your site.

    Even if we do not end up working together I will at least be able to help you understand what is working in today’s world of web design and answer any questions that you have.

    I look forward to speaking with you.

    Ed Frez

    If you are not interested in your analysis or do not wish for me to contact you just let me know by replying with the word remove in the subject line.

  3. Hi! My name is Kris and I m a SEO expert. Everyone is aware that one of the most important way for a business to get to their target market is thru their website. Its one of the most effective tool for marketing and it should be your greatest salesman.

    I am offering is a free analysis wherein I can provide you solutions that would not only give you REALISTIC results but also help you see what your competitors tactics are and how we can help you overcome them in the search engines.

    I would like to make an effort on helping out your business have these benefit. So having that said, when can we discuss this further?

    If you are interested just let me know what time works for you to speak and I will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

    I look forward in hearing from you soon.


    Kris Rodgersen

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